At the end of May, indie-pop artist Aderyn shared the soundtrack to summer with her latest single Honey. 

Cleverly telling the story of waking up from that intoxicating feeling of believing that someone is perfect and can do no wrong, Honey is bright, breezy, and lyrically stark. If love is blind, this is a song about what happens when you finally open your eyes.

"I wrote this song around the same time as my first single, Lucozade." explains Aderyn. "Honey plays on the same themes of ‘restless love’ as Lucozade, but progresses past the breathless, rose-tinted glasses phase of a crush and out the other side.".

Aderyn has already received mountains of praise from industry heavy-hitters and fans alike including BBC Radio Wales (Welsh A-list), Ex-BBC Radio 1 DJ Huw Stephens, Bethan Elfyn, BBC 6 Music's Tom Robinson, Adam Walton, and God Is In The TV (making Aderyn one of their Sounds of 2022). 

"It’s like the first time someone gives you the Ick" Aderyn continues about Honey. "In that moment you’d give anything to find them as flawless as you once did. It can actually be quite inconvenient to acknowledge someone’s flaws, and see them as they truly are rather than what we wanted them to be. When I wrote this song, I was mourning the loss of that naivety, because I knew that now I had removed the rose-tinted glasses, there would be no going back.".

Effortlessly creating the perfect blend of Indie and Pop and brightening anyone's day with high energy ear-worms that mesmerically paint Aderyn's world, she has proved with every release that she knows exactly who she is, what she's doing, what she wants, and how she's going to get there. Honey continues to solidify Aderyn as an indie-pop powerhouse just waiting to breakthrough and make her way on to the world stage.

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