Alice Low stuns with brand new single Show Business

Alice Low shares glorious new single Show Business. Alice, who recently toured with Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard made her London debut headline at The Social on October 4th. With support from BBC 6 Music and publications such as The Independent, Dork and The Forty-Five, Alice’s avant-garde performance, unhinged energy, and emotional lyrics have carved a niche that suggests an artist doing things entirely on their own terms. Alice also recently toured with the iconic Cate Le Bon and made her bow at Green Man Festival, where her set was certainly one to remember. Show Business is a testament to performance, the search for adoration and a eulogy to hooks (there are many hooks in this song). It also sounds like a Sparks single remixed, broken down and then reworked into an unrecognisable monster hit. 

On Show Business Alice says, "I hadn’t yet started hormone therapy, but I was going through the process. I was scared. You can hear that. The song is full of fear. Mostly of expectation. Expectation projected at myself; my music, my transition, my social life, my sex life. Mummy, Daddy, sorta stuff. I have issues with authority. How to know when to negotiate and when to listen. I think part of me was rejecting the idea that I “had to write singles”, which I didn’t. I didn’t “have to” do anything, but I definitely wanted to, deep down. 

Success is difficult for me, I’m glad I’ve had this much time to build a strong relationship with my work, that it can be uncompromising. However, I will always be the boy, standing in-front of the mirror singing Blink 182 into his hairbrush, feeling idolized, feeling that music, and “rock star reverence” could be an escape from the bullying, and torment of childhood. But as you get older you shed that stuff, and find other things to focus on. I found ways to validate myself, through art, sex, love. For years I thought that was enough, and barely released any of the mountain of music I had made. But now I am here, at the foot of a new mountain, looking up and wondering if I even want to climb. Do I have the energy? The desire?"

Last year Alice won the Triskel Prize, which was presented to her by Huw Stephens who has also been a huge supporter of the project.

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