6 Piece riotous rock n' rollers Pigeon Wigs released their debut single Near The Knuckle in 2021 and have shown no signs of slowing down.


Pigeon Wigs are a 6-piece rock ’n’ roll band newly sprung from Cardiff’s fertile soil. Formed from the writing partnership of Harry Franklin-Williams & Louis Jugessur, their music ranges from the bombastic and unrelenting to the sombre and fragile, indulging whatever genre best suits their aims while maintaining a through line that one can only describe as Pigeon Wigs. Near The Knuckle is a blindingly rambunctious debut single full of hearty guitar riffs, sleek vocals coupled with colossal drums and an instant sing-along chorus. The song proves that rock n' roll is truly alive and kicking with BBC Radio Wales' Adam Walton describing it as "Something sexual and also primal". The future looks bright for this band, having already recorded an album's worth of songs and more, it's clear that there's no stopping Pigeon Wigs as they continue to power their way to the top.


  • The Way You Do

    Pigeon Wigs

  • Near The Knuckle

    Pigeon Wigs

  • Death Of A King

    Pigeon Wigs

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